Sports Care: Mouthguards

Participating in sports can be good for your mental and physical state, but hard on your teeth. Without the proper gear, playing in sports, even on a casual basis, can be a painful, costly experience. In contact sports especially, teeth can be fractured or knocked out or they can die if a hard blow is sustained. However, if you wear a mouthguard, the risk of oral injury can be dramatically reduced.

Mouthguards, admittedly, are sometimes uncomfortable to wear (just like seatbelts are) but they do serve an important purpose. Without them, trauma to a tooth may lead to a root canal and porcelain crown or even to the loss of a tooth and bridge work. With them, an athlete is protected.

Mouthguards are made of rubber or plastics and generally cover the upper teeth and gums. They separate the biting surfaces of teeth and cushion the lips from the teeth.

Stock Mouth Protectors vs. Custom

Stock Mouthguards are bought over the counter and are not fitted to the individual. Therefore, they are often uncomfortable and frequently interfere with the athlete's breathing and speaking ability.

Custom Made Mouth Protectors are made in our office after we take a dental cast of the athlete's teeth. They are superior in protection and are generally the most comfortable of the three. We have several attractive colors to choose from.

When it comes to wearing mouthguards, many athletes, even professional ones, don't take the necessary precautions to protect their mouth, but tooth trauma does occur with alarming frequency. Adequate dental protection is a must in contact sports. Protect your smile with the right mouthguard for you!