Senior Care

Advancing age puts many seniors at risk for a number of oral health problems. Dry mouth, root decay, diminished taste, tooth loss, gum disease, loss of jaw bone, among some. No matter what your age, you need to take care of your teeth and mouth. When your mouth is healthy, you can easily eat the types of foods you need for a healthy diet. Social interaction, talking, smiling, laughing and eating are easier when your mouth is healthy.

Extra Care Equals Better Health

While maintenance care plays an important role in good health throughout your life, it becomes more vital as you age. Fillings need to be checked periodically and replaced as needed, and regular cleanings are necessary to remove plaque and prevent periodontal disease. Just as you may increase visits to a physician's office, your dental visits also may need to increase.

Keep Us Informed

When you do come in for a visit, it's important that you tell us if there have been any changes in your medical history. A recent illness or change in medication can lead to serious dental problems.
Longer life expectancies and increasing use of prescription medications are placing new stresses on the teeth and gums. Some drugs, such as those for high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. dry the mouth. Even if you haven't had a cavity in years, this condition can drastically increase your chance of tooth decay.

Implants: A Popular Alternative

Or if just one area of your smile needs restorative work, we may be able to help with a dental implant. They're an increasingly popular alternative to bridges and dentures because they look and feel natural.